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Order the audio series of International and World Champion Auctioneer Neal Davis as he breaks the auctioneer chant down into parts and teaches you how to develop a professional sounding chant. Includes FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.


Neal holds Arkansas Auctioneers License #1 and was instrumental in getting many of the auction laws established in the State of Arkansas. He is a member of the Arkansas Auctioneers Association and a member of the Arkansas Auctioneers Hall of Fame.  Neal has spent many years developing a successful chant and has taught hundreds of students across the nation and around the world how to develop and structure their chant.

Structuring Your Chant - Audio CD

  • The content on this CD is the opinion of Neal Davis. While the content shared on this series has been successful for Neal Davis and others, there are no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied as to your success in using this method. It is also the opinion of Neal Davis that all interested in becoming an auctioneer should attend a accredited Auction School or College. This series is not intended to replace training received at Auction School but addresses the 3-Part Chant in Bid Calling.

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